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  1. Reference Services:

Provide assistance to users to locate the required information, using all the bibliographical material available.

  1. Loaning of bibliographical material in the reading area:

The Central Library of the bank counts on 4 reading rooms, located in the general collection areas, (Periodicals and Newspaper Library) hemeroteca, CENARI, special works and thesis, respectively.

  1. Reproduction Service:

Photocopy service is available in the reading room. Some works have restrictions.

  1. Latest acquisitions Bulletin: Boletín de últimas adquisiciones:

Diffusion of information on the recently acquired works.

  1. Alert Bulletin:

Makes the table of contents available of the latest acquisitions of periodic publications specialized in economy.  Their publication is monthly.

  1. Catalogues printed by author, title and material:

Bibliographical description of the material, in alphabetical order by author, title and material.

  1. On-line catalogues:

Catálogo público en línea, that allows having acces to the bibiliographical infomation of monographs, periodic publications, reference Works, thesis and other materials registered in the different data bases. 

  1. CDs.