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Can I open a savings or checking account in the Bank of Guatemala?

No, the Bank does not offer this service, since its activities are primarily directed toward the achievement of its mission.

I need to know the exchange rate for a particular date with reference to a specific currency.

You can consult the exchange rate for a currency (though, at present, only in Spanish) at:

Where can I find information related to Guatemalan imports and exports?

You can consult (in Spanish)
Economic Statistics, External Sector
Statistic Bulletin, Balance of Exchange

Where can I find information about inflation?

You can consult:
Macroeconomic Indicators, Inflation
Prices Indicators

I intend to make a fixed-term financial investment, but I need to know the interest rate that this investment will earn.

You can make an investment in national currency at the tellers' windows of the Bank of Guatemala. Information regarding current rates in attraction of funds operations is provided in our economic section (in Spanish).

Where can I obtain projections on different economic variables?

The Central Bank's function is to gather information about events that have already taken place and subsequently analyze them so as to develop the economy; it does not publish projections of the course that these events will take in the future. The actions that the Central Bank takes to direct the economy will be governed by the economic, exchange and credit policy approved by the Monetary Board for the current year.

Is there any other way to contact you?

You can find the bank's addresses at:

Where can I find information about Guatemala's  banking laws?

The main banking laws are published (in Spanish) in PDF format (to visualize them you need to have first installed the "Acrobat Reader" program) at