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Interpretación Fachada Mural Banco de Guatemala
Interpretación Fachada Mural Banco de Guatemala


The National Information Reference Center –CENARI (for its acronym in Spanish), has developed a bibliographical reference service since 1973 in the areas of economy, socio-economy, agriculture and industry.

The center was created in the Banco de Guatemala in April 1978, as a part of the National Scientific and Technological Information System, under the Science and Technology Unit of the General Secretariat of the National Council of Economic Planning, SEGEPLAN (for its acronym in Spanish), with the financial support of the Organization of American States OEA, (for its acronym in Spanish). Since 1985, the center is a part of the structure of the Library of the Banco de Guatemala.

Objective of the Center:
Collect the information on Guatemala in the areas of coverage of the center, with the purpose of sharing information between sources that generate them, the units of measurement of transfer and the users, as well as supporting investigation, particularly related to the economic-financial theme.

Services and products:
The center provides the bibliographic reference service through the:

Data bases of CENARI the include bibliography (Information collected between 1973-2000) and the Publications of the Banco de Guatemala (1946-2000).

Catalogues, themes or describers, geographic area and institutions (1973-1988)

Printed publications: 40 bibliographic reference bulletins, the edited catalogue of bibliographic publications by the Banco de Guatemala 1946-1992, and the Directory of economic, agricultural and industrial information sources from 1994.


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